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Transeuropae hotel

Picture of Transeuropae hotel
Original Title: Transeuropae hotel
Director: Luigi Cinque
Cast: Luigi: Luigi Cinque; Pippo: Giuseppe Del Bono; Orfeo: Giuseppe Servillo; Carola: Marina Rocco; Jurema: Jurema Da Matta; Keuri: Keuri Poliane
Story: Luigi Cinque
Screenplay: Luigi Cinque,Rossana Iannantuono
Genre: Musicale
Production: Luigi Piccirilli
Year: 2012
Runtime: 100'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Hotel Sole Palermo (PA) /Università di Palermo Palermo (PA) /Hotel Relais le Saline Paceco (TP) /Teatro Impero Marsala (TP) /Stazione Ferroviaria Trapani (TP)

In a hotel on the west coast of Sicily a group of international jazz artists are rehearsing and getting ready to go on tour.  As they are preparing, two women from the favelas of Rio show up.  The women tell the musicians that Darcy, a famous percussionist and old friend of the bandleader has gone missing and they believe that a witchdoctor, paid by drug smugglers, is responsible.  One thing is clear: Darcy must be found. The musicians finally figure out, after much consideration, what to do; and the bandleader and an actor set out in search of the Candomblé priest. 

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