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Tά ϒυναικεία - Cose di donne

Picture of Tά ϒυναικεία - Cose di donne
Original Title: Tά ϒυναικεία - Cose di donne
Director: Lorenzo  Daniele
Cast: Letizia Battaglia; Donatella Finocchiaro; Simonetta Agnello Hornby; Angela Marzia Catania; Arianna Occhipinti; Concetta Venezia; Angela Guagliardo
Story: Alessandra Cilio,Lorenzo  Daniele
Screenplay: Alessandra Cilio
Genre: Documentario
Production: Fine Art Produzioni
Year: 2015
Runtime: 52' 
Nationality: ITA
Location: Città e dintorni Troina (EN)

A photographer from Palermo, a winemaker from Ragusa, an elderly woman from Enna, a novelist from Agrigento, a young archaeologist from Gela, a famous actress from Catania. What links these persons? The fact of being women and Sicilian. Their stories are fragments of a single story, which keeps the heritage of Sicily, an absolutely ‘female’ land. This is testified by a great variety of myths, legends and cults related to women, which have alternated and partly overlapped through time, becoming a cohesive force for all the peoples who occupied and still occupy this island. 

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