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Sulle tracce di Goethe in Sicilia

Picture of Sulle tracce di Goethe in Sicilia
Original Title: Sulle tracce di Goethe in Sicilia
Director: Peter Stein
Cast: Alessandro Averone (narrating voice), Peter Stein, Andrea Josè Di Pasquale, Vincenzo Guarrasi, Leoluca Orlando
Story: Markus Stein
Screenplay: Markus Stein
Genre: Documentary
Producer: Zivago Film, Rai Cinema
Year: 2020
Runtime: 89'
Country: ITA

On April 2nd, 1787, Wolfgang von Goethe arrived in Palermo during a journey that lasted forty days, which he then described in Italian Journey. Peter Stein, a stage and opera director, retraces the footsteps of the German poet, in the company of a film crew. In Sicily, Goethe sought and found classicism, and so does Stein, as he travels to the origins of European culture. After his impressive production of Faust, the high point of Stein's reflections on Goethe, this new journey helps the director compare late-18th-century Sicily to today's, showing unexpected differences and surprising similarities.


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