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Sponde. Nel sicuro sole del Nord

Picture of Sponde. Nel sicuro sole del Nord
Original Title: Sponde. Nel sicuro sole del Nord
Director: Irene Dionisio 
Cast: Mohsen Lidhabi; Vincenzo Lombardo
Story: Irene Dionisio 
Screenplay: Irene Dionisio 
Genre: Documentario
Production: Ilaria Malagutti,Davy Chous,Sylvain Decouvelaere,Luisa Perlo
Year: 2015
Runtime: 60' 
Nationality: ITA/FRA
Location: Isola di Lampedusa Lampedusa e Linosa (AG)

One day, Mohsen Lidhabi, retired postman from Zarzis, while looking for material for his sculptures and for his inventory on the beach, he finds the llifeless body of a migrant. Without asking himself too many questions, he decides to give him a proper burial causing controversies in his community of origin and among Ben Ali’s supporters. On the other shore of the Mediterranean, in Lampedusa, Vincenzo is experiencing the same epiphany. He has always worked as guard of the Lampedusa cemetery with zeal, care and patience, dealing mainly with bureaucracy and maintenance. Despite strain and bitterness, Vincenzo decides to bury the migrants brought by the sea by himself, building a new area of the Lampedusa cemetery and registering each body with numbered wooden crosses. Such a choice will cause criticisms among the religious community. After a while, Vincenzo will receive a letter in French written by an unknown sender, who, like him, has decided to bury the nameless bodies coming from the sea following the shipwrecks of those who left after the Arab Spring. After having the letter translated, Vincenzo will read the encouraging words supporting his burial activity. The man, who is illiterate, helped by his wife, decides to answer the Tunisian man who sent him the letter, Mohsen, trying to find the right words to describe his emotions. 

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