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Ragazze a mano armata

Picture of Ragazze a mano armata
Original Title: Ragazze a mano armata
Director: Fabio Segatori
Cast: Nino: Nino Frassica; Emma: Federica De Cola; Gioia: Giovanna D'Angi; Stella: Giovanna Verdelli; Beatrice: Karin Proia
Story: Fabio Segatori,Paola Columba
Screenplay: Fabio Segatori,Paola Columba
Genre: Commedia
Production: Baby Films
Year: 2012
Runtime: 87'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Città e dintorni Messina (ME) /Stretto di Messina Messina (ME)

Three female student from Corleone (Sicily) rent a room to Bea, a mysterious woman who is hit by a truck and disappears for a month. The girls reopen her room and find a bag with one million euros. During a fight they burn all the money out. A violent gangster, Michelangelo, appears threatening Bea. He wants his money back or he'll kill them all. Will Bea manage to transform the girls into professional robbers? 

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