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Picture of Pinocchio
Original Title Pinocchio
Director: Enzo D'Alò
Cast: Voce Pinocchio: Gabriele Caprio; voce Mangiafuoco: Rocco Papaleo; voce Lucignolo: Paolo Ruffini
Story: Carlo Collodi
Screenplay: Enzo D'Alò,Umberto Marino
Genre: Animazione
Production: Nicolas Steil
Year: 2012
Runtime: 81'
Nationality: ITA/FRA/BEL/LUX

Geppetto the carpenter carves the object of his hidden desires out of a log: a puppet that will keep him company and will be like a son to him. He will call him Pinocchio. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that the puppet moves, as if by magic, and is gifted with a life on its own. 

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