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Indictus - La Terra è di Nessuno

Picture of Indictus - La Terra è di Nessuno
Original Title: Indictus - La Terra è di Nessuno
Director: Francesco Dinolfo
Cast: Serlon d'Altavilla: Roberto Luigi Mauri; Arisgot: Dario Raimondi; Gran Conte Ruggero I d’Altavilla: Santi Cicardo; Adelasia: Valeria La Bua; Engelmaro: Massimo Graffeo; Abdel Nasser: Giuseppe Cimarosa; Aldruda: Roberta Azzarone; Ibrahim: Manfredi Russo 
Story: Francesco Dinolfo,Emanuele Mocciaro
Screenplay: Marianna Lo Pizzo
Genre: Web-serie/Storico
Production: IDA,Reverse Agency
Year: 2017
Runtime: 7 ep. da 10' cad.
Nationality: ITA
Location: Castello Caccamo (PA) /Città e dintorni Gangi (PA) /Città e dintorni Sperlinga (EN) /Città e dintorni Pollina (PA) /Labirinto di Arianna Castel di Lucio (ME) /Piramide al 38º parallelo Motta d'Affermo (ME)

It all begins with a legend, the Legend of the 46 Norman soldiers that with the help of Saint George killed 3000 Arabs in a single night in 1063. After that fateful night, Sicily became an easy conquest for the military forces of France. A fight between two great religions that brings back the conflict to our present days.From this legend, this new Thermopylae, a new hero is born in Cerami: Serlon The Warlord. The French are more than happy at the court of Jerax, in the heart of Sicily, and celebrating. It doesn’t take long for the infidels to be banished from the island. Benavert, emir of Syracuse, the last to fall, plotted against the Normans by sending Prince Ibrahim asking for armistice. 

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