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Picture of Nour
Original Title: Nour
Director: Maurizio Zaccaro
Cast: Sergio Castellitto: Pietro Bartolo; Raffaella Rea: Claudia; Linda Mresy: Nour; Thierry Toscan: fotografo; Miloud Mourad Benamara: Latif
Story: Pietro Bartolo, Lidia Tilotta
Screenplay: Maurizio Zaccaro, Monica Zapelli, Imma Vitelli
Genre: Drama
Producer: Stemal Entertaiment, Ipotesi Cinema, Rai Cinema
Year: 2019
Runtime: 93'
Country: ITA

Nour is ten years old and has faced alone the journey to Europe across the Mediterranean. What are you doing alone in Lampedusa, among the survivors of a shipwreck? Pietro Bartolo, doctor of the island, takes care of it and, step by step, tries to reconstruct not only the girl's past, but also her present and a new future.


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