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Nessuno vuole più morire

Picture of Nessuno vuole più morire
Original Title: Nessuno vuole più morire
Director: Giovanni Prisco
Cast: Silvia Ajelli; Emiliano Brioschi; Luigi Di Gangi; Fabrizio Ferracane; Cristiano Nocera
Story: Giovanni Prisco
Screenplay: Giovanni Prisco,Giuseppe Massa
Genre: Drammatico
Production: Ass. Cult. Sutta Scupa,Ass. Cult. Bogotà
Year: 2013
Runtime: 20'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Lungomare “Cristoforo Colombo” Palermo (PA) /Casa Professa Palermo (PA) /Liceo Classico “Vittorio Emanuele II” Palermo (PA)

Night. 04:45am An obstinate photographer dispassionately seeks to immortalise the animality of cats. Two Rumanians, in a high-powered vehicle, roam the city streets drinking litres of alcohol. A man and a woman consumate their relationship, based on power games, in a bedroom in a beach house. Three stories that will intertwine, scratching each other. 

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