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Mario Soffia sulla Cenere

Picture of Mario Soffia sulla Cenere
Original Title: Mario Soffia sulla Cenere
Director: Alberto Castiglione
Cast: Mario: Alessandro Schiavo; Aurora Quattrocchi; Simona Malato; Salvo Piparo; Emanuele Puglia; Paolo La Bruna; Marika Pugliatti
Story: Alberto Castiglione
Screenplay: Alberto Castiglione,Croce Costanza
Genre: Drammatico
Production: Koiné Film,Borak Films
Year: 2016
Runtime: 100'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Città e dintorni Pietraperzia (EN)/ Città e dintorni Campobello di Licata (AG) /Città e dintorni Palermo (PA) 

Mario is little older than 40 and he teaches in a High School in Palermo. He was very attached to his grand mother so that, after knowing her deep disease, he decides to come back to the little city where he is born and grown up. It will be a very short journey but coming back to Palermo is also to go through a crisis and Mario has to settle scores with his past when he was child, in the '80, with his father's efforts in their own country, with his sacrifices and at the end with the relationship with his brother Giuseppe. But Mario's true pain is related to a secret, which has caused him for the last 30 years a constant feeling of guilty for the tragic death of his father, in a fire. Mario decides to come back and finally to face his own family, so that he would be able to balance his past.


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