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Lo Zucco. Il vino del figlio del re dei francesi

Picture of Lo Zucco. Il vino del figlio del re dei francesi
Original Title: Lo Zucco. Il vino del figlio del re dei francesi
Director: Lidia Rizzo
Cast: Pietro Galioto; Giacomo Ansaldi; Olivier Bosc; Michele Di Dio; Salvo Di Matteo; Nicole Garnier; Renata Niggli; Ennio Palmigiano; Giuseppe Polizzi; Giovanni Purpura; Vito Talluto; Vittorio Umiltà; Enzo Sellerio
Story: Lidia Rizzo
Screenplay: Lidia Rizzo
Genre: Documentario
Production: Bruno Tribbioli,Alessandro Bonifazi
Year: 2011
Runtime: 60'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Palazzo d'Orleans Palermo (PA) /Feudo Zucco Montelepre (PA) /Cantina Reale Borbonica Partinico (PA) /Palazzo D'Aumale Terrasini (PA) /Castello Grifeo Partanna (TP)  

Le vin de Zucco was a famous wine, produced in Sicily in 1854 by one of the richest men in the world. The Duke Henri D'Aumale, son of Louis Philippe, King of the French, lived his exile at Orleans House in England and at the Zucco in Sicily, collecting books and works of art. He put together in Chantilly, France, the second largest collection of paintings after the Louvre. He gave work to 4,000 farmers of Montelepre in Sicily. He loved his wine and his estate of Zucco so much that he went back there to die. Today, the Zucco farm still exudes the charm of this incredible adventure. Pietro, organic farmer, returned to the place of his childhood following a mysterious voice ... The appeal of Zucco beyond the time barrier ... In the film, the historian Salvo Di Matteo, Ennio Palmigiano and the last appearances of Vittorio Umiltà, founder of Salvare Palermo, and Enzo Sellerio, the great Sicilian photographer and publisher. 

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