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L'isola in me: in viaggio con Vincenzo Consolo

Picture of L'isola in me: in viaggio con Vincenzo Consolo
Original Title: L'isola in me: in viaggio con Vincenzo Consolo
Director: Ludovica Tortora De Falco
Cast: Vincenzo Consolo; Dominique Budor; Maria Rosa Cutrufelli; Giulio Ferroni; Amara Lakhous
Story: Ludovica Tortora De Falco
Screenplay: Ludovica Tortora De Falco
Genre: Documentario
Production: Ludovica Tortora De Falco
Year: 2008
Runtime: 75'
Nationality: ITA

A journey through the tormented Sicily of one of the most important contemporary italian writer, Vincenzo Consolo. We follow his attentive, grave observation of the Italian and Sicilian situation after the Second World War: the Sicilian migration, the life of the sulphur-miners, the passing of the peasant world, industrialisation and the ravaging of the Sicilian land, the earthquakes and the subsequent insensitive, inadequate rebuilding, the past and present massacres carried out by the Mafia, the political and economic choices of those in power, from the post-war period to today. In our current society of the “eternal present”, we do not want to lose our identity or our history. 

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