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L'anima del Gattopardo

Picture of L'anima del Gattopardo
Original Title: L'anima del Gattopardo
Director: Annarita Zambrano
Cast: Annarita Zambrano
Story: Giancarlo Grande,Annarita Zambrano
Genre: Documentario
Production: Simone Isola,Giancarlo Grande
Year: 2012
Runtime: 52'
Nationality: ITA/FRA
Location: Città e dintorni Ciminna (PA) /Città e dintorni Palermo (PA) /Città e dintorni Noto (SR) /Città e dintorni Siracusa (SR) /Città e dintorni Catania (CT)

The soul of the Leopard is the soul of Sicily: solar, violent, immutable and indomitable, forged to withstand 25 centuries of invasions without ever losing its luster. But it is also its nature: melancholic, fatalistic, lazy ... this is how Tomasi di Lampedusa described the "Sicilian". Five years later, in 1963, Luchino Visconti put this soul to the rhythm of a waltz that conquered the whole world. But what happened after all these years? Were the promises made by Chevalley to the Prince of Salina kept? What happened to the civilians who wanted to replace the nobility? What became of the Prince of Salina, Don Calogero, Don Ciccio Tumeo, Tancredi, Angelica? "The soul of the Leopard" is a historical/political documentary that sets out in search of the spirit of the Leopard during the current crisis, tackling the issues of cultural identity of a Sicily, the mirror Italy. 

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