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Picture of Italo
Original Title: Italo
Director: Alessia Scarso
Cast: Antonio: Marco Bocci; Laura: Elena Radonicich; Luisa: Barbara Tabita; Meno: Vincenzo Lauretta; Chiara: Martina Antoci; Natalino: Tuccio Musumeci
Story: Coralla Ciccolini,Alessia Scarso
Screenplay: Coralla Ciccolini
Genre: Biografico/Commedia
Production: Roberta Trovato,Carmelo Scarso
Year: 2013
Runtime: 104'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Città e dintorni Modica (RG) /Teatro Garibaldi Modica (RG) /Città e dintorni Scicli (RG) /Villa Penna Scicli (RG) /Parco Forza Cava d'Ispica (RG)

Based on a true story, ITALO vividly depicts the life-altering friendship between an extraordinary dog and a lonely child. One day, a good natured stray dog by the name of Italo, wanders into the small Sicilian town of Scicli. But Italo's arrival causes a terrible uproar in the village, everyone there is fiercely opposed to having stray dogs around. Everyone... except Meno, a precociously wise 10 year-old, who is as lonely and introverted as can be. Since his mother passed away Meno has shut everyone out, including his workaholic father. It will take all the unconditional love a special dog like Italo can give to force Meno out of his shell, leading him into a series of adventures that will teach him the difference between acting like a grown up and actually becoming one. 

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