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Interno giorno

Picture of Interno giorno
Original Title: Interno giorno
Director: Tommaso Rossellini
Cast: Maria Torricello: Fanny Ardant; Josephine: Anita Caprioli; Davide: Massimiliano Buzzanca; Maila: Kiera Chaplin; Cristiano: Brenno Placido; Mirabelle: Regina Orioli
Story: Tommaso Rossellini
Screenplay: Tommaso Rossellini
Genre: Drammatico
Production: Alberto Acciarito
Year: 2010
Runtime: 90'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Villa Chiaramonte Bordonaro Palermo (PA) /Addaura Palermo (PA) /Parco della Favorita Palermo (PA) /

A famous movie star and mother of two children who have no self-estimation, has organized an evening in her luxurious home to celebrate her latest film. The evening highlights the different aspects, often unpleasant, of the relationship among the guests. A little symbolic insight, somewhat unforgiving, into the world of showbusiness, seen as a repository of hypocrisy, envy, and jealousy. An ensemble film closed in time and space with the intention of playing with languages and cultures. 

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