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Il traguardo di Patrizia

Picture of Il traguardo di Patrizia
Original Title: Il traguardo di Patrizia
Director: Rosalba Vitellaro
Cast: Voce di Patrizia: Isabella Ragonese
Story: Alba Maria Calicchio,Alessandra Viola,Rosalba Vitellaro
Screenplay: Alba Maria Calicchio,Alessandra Viola,Rosalba Vitellaro
Genre: Animazione
Production: Larcadarte,Graphilm
Year: 2013
Runtime: 26'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Stadio delle Palme Palermo (PA) /Borgo Vecchio Palermo (PA) /Ballarò Palermo (PA)

Patrizia is born in Sicily from Bengali parents she has an Italian name and feels Italian, despite her amber skin. She has many friends, goes to school and is an athletes promise . Runs fast and jumps obstacles like none, but just when the Federation selects her to participate at the European Championships, the girl discovers that legally she is not Italian and therefore could not compete. Patrizia feels now "a foreigner in her own country", trying to understand the immigration law and also her real self. Thanks to her friends and the little dog Ciro she find the courage to fights for her rights. She is a model for all the children born in Italy from foreign parents that wants to change the law of citizenship. 

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