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Il colore del dolore

Picture of Il colore del dolore
Original Title: Il colore del dolore
Director: Francesco Benigno
Cast: Francesco Benigno, Valentina Magazzù, Vincenzo Crivello, Ernesto Maria Ponte, Valentino Pizzuto, Dario Veca, Cettina Benigno, Paolo Di Caro
Story: Francesco Benigno, Carlo Baldacci Carli
Screenplay: Francesco Benigno, Carlo Baldacci Carli
Genre: Drama
Producer: Ass. Culturale Mary per sempre
Year: 2020
Runtime: 100'
Country: ITA
The story of a child who becomes a man in the background of a city like Palermo painted in strong colors, but always extraordinarily suggestive. A personal redemption, that of the protagonist, which takes place despite the countless adversities that life presents to him.

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