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Ero Malerba

Picture of Ero Malerba
Original Title: Ero Malerba
Director: Toni Trupia

Giuseppe Grassonelli; Carmelo Sardo; Vittorio Teresi; Gaetano Savatteri


Carmelo Sardo,Giuseppe Grassonelli


Tonia Trupia,Carmelo Sardo

Genre: Documentario
Production: Interlinea Film
Year: 2014
Runtime: 75'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Città e dintorni Porto Empedocle (AG)

The project is based on the best seller book written by Carmelo Sardo, famous Italian Journalist and the prisoner Giuseppe Grassonelli. The documentary tells the story of Giuseppe Grassonelli, in prison for several murders connected to the war between Mafia and Stidda during the 80s in Sicily. It collects testimonies of judges, politicians and people involved in various ways in these events. Footage of the time and personal documents of the Grassonelli family enriches the documentary. Shot in Sicily and in Hamburg, except for the long interview to Grassonelli in the maximum security prison of Sulmona which was possible thanks to a special permission of the prison authorities.

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