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Con te e senza di te

Picture of Con te e senza di te
Original Title: Con te e senza di te
Director: Lucia Sardo
Cast: Egle Doria; Vitalba Andrea; Miriam Palma; Elvira Fusto; Niki Nicchitta
Story: Lucia Sardo,Elvira Fusto
Screenplay: Lucia Sardo,Elvira Fusto
Genre: Commedia
Production: Bruno Tribbioli,Alessandro Bonifazi
Year: 2015
Runtime: 14'
Nationality: ITA
Location: Città e dintorni Catania (CT)

Four girlfriends, Silvana, Rita, Lucia and Elvira find themselves, for a strange fate, altogether at the end of long relationships. They resolve to take care one another at home, reading, chatting and cooking. Silvana is still in love with Niki, a painter with which were involved heart and soul. In order to eradicate from Silvana's heart the love for Niki, her friends decide to put her through a psycho-magic rite, following the instructions of an Alejandro Jodorowski's book. 

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