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A Black Jesus

Picture of A Black Jesus
Original Title: A Black Jesus
Director: Luca Lucchesi
Story: Luca Lucchesi, Hella Wenders
Screenplay: Luca Lucchesi, Hella Wenders
Genre: Documentary
Producer: Wim Wenders, Road Movies
Year: 2020
Runtime: 92'
Country: Germany

For many centuries, in a small town on the southern border of Europe, people have been worshipping a statue of a black Jesus. 19-year old Edward from Ghana, guest of the refugee centre which is the subject of great debate in the village, asks to carry the statue in the annual procession and to stand next to the locals that bear its cart. The community is divided. On a journey exploring the source of fear and prejudice against “the others”, the inhabitants of this small European village are called upon to question their own identity, starting with the very icon of their own belief: a black Jesus.


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