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La Dea Fortuna

Alessandro and Arturo have been a couple for more than fifteen years. Although passion and love have turned into an important affection, their relationship has been in crisis for some time. The sudden arrival in their lives of two children left in custody for a few days by Alessandro's best friend, however, could give an unexpected turn to their tired routine. The solution will be a crazy gesture. But on the other hand, love is a state of pleasant madness.


Nour is ten years old and has faced alone the journey to Europe across the Mediterranean. What are you doing alone in Lampedusa, among the survivors of a shipwreck? Pietro Bartolo, doctor of the island, takes care of it and, step by step, tries to reconstruct not only the girl's past, but also her present and a new future.

Picciridda - Con i piedi nella sabbia

"ALONE WITH HER DREAMS" (aka "PICCIRIDDA") tells the story of Lucia, a little girl of eleven whose parents emigrate to France, at the end of the 60s', in looking for work, entrusting her to grandmother Maria, a strict woman unable to express her feelings. With the passing of months, the existence of Lucia is surrounded by meeting people and relatives. Curiosity pushes her towards the adult world especially men in her family circle, a mysterious world from which to stay away (as grandma says) or to be discovered (as Lucia thinks). One of them hides a terrible secret and Lucia will remain a victim. In a hostile social context, the little Lucia pays a very high price, but her grandmother she hates so much in the first place, will teach her to fight and to grow with dignity, strength and optimism.

Sicilia Questa Sconosciuta

Sicilia Questa Sconosciuta riporta alla luce alcuni straordinari siti archeologici e naturalistici siciliani, inaspettatamente poco conosciuti, che circondano la frazione di Villasmundo, nel territorio di Melilli, sulla costa orientale del siracusano. Un paradiso inesplorato composto da due valli fluviali, separate da un altopiano, dove si scorgono grotte e cavità e un sistema carsico di corsi d’acqua attivi tra i più importanti della Sicilia, che hanno generato negli anni la sorprendente presenza di stalattiti e stalagmiti.

Vite da sprecare

Vite da sprecare si svolge in Sicilia nel 1976 e racconta quella che è passata alla storia come la “strage di Alcamo Marina”, in cui furono barbaramente assassinati due giovani carabinieri, una strage senza colpevoli, ancora oggi avvolta nelle nebbie di uno dei tanti misteri di questo Stato e delle sue oscure trame.